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A Toolkit for Middle School Educators


Power Up, Speak Out! is a toolkit that encourages middle school students to think critically about healthy relationships, power dynamics, boundaries, and consent.


Classroom Lesson


Take a positive approach that focuses on what TO do, rather than what NOT to do!

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Healthy Relationship Statements

These 4 simple statements help students explore relationship dynamics, and are used throughout the lessons to examine uses of personal power, boundaries, and consent.

The heart of                       is our

Lesson Powerpoints

The                toolkit includes:

An exercise that helps students explore personal boundaries and how to respect those of others.

Wiffle Balls

Interactive Lessons

Core Concept Posters

  1. Healthy Relationships
    In this lesson, students will define a relationship as a connection between two or more people, and identify healthy relationship statements.

  2. Power in Relationships
    In this lesson, students will examine the concept of one-sided power and two-sided power in peer relationships, and identify Red Flags.

  3. Boundaries in Relationships
    In this lesson, students will identify that personal boundaries are self-created, can change and need to be respected, use the Red Flags to examine when personal boundaries are not respected, and identify "put downs" as an example of disrespecting personal boundaries.

  4. Consent in Relationships
    Students will define consent as permission to cross  a boundary, identify forms of consent, identify "got consent?" statements, and examine the lack of consent by applying the Red Flags and Boundaries.

  5. Healthy Relationships in Action
    Students will identify conditions that make it easy or difficult for people to be themselves, be treated well, be able to say no, and have fun in their relationships, and identify how they can use their power so that everyone can be themselves in their peer and dating relationships.

Engaging Activities

A critical thinking game that helps students explore what they want in healthy peer relationships.

Lesson Media

Teacher and Classroom Resources

"Let's Make a Deal"
Activity Cards

"Boundaries" Flip Books

An activity that introduces verbal and non-verbal consent.


Required Resources for Classroom Implementation!



SINCE 2012

"I wish I had these skills when I was a kid!"

– Kelly McGuire,
    County Healthy Relationship
    Project Coordinator

"I've adapted the lessons to fit with the younger grades. I typically focus on the components of healthy relationships, power, and setting boundaries."
– Lee Starck, K-5 Counselor


“I have received positive feedback from students, staff, parents and the community. I stretched the lessons out to cover around 10 group meetings. Would love for there to be more! I could use this for an entire school year, if further curriculum was provided."
– Brittany Katzer, Counselor

“I taught Power Up Speak Out last year with 7th grade. This year I have moved to a K-6 school. I am finishing my year of classroom guidance lessons with my 6th graders with Power Up, Speak Out! I have adapted it slightly for the slightly younger audience. I really can't think of a better send off for Middle School than to emphasize Healthy Relationships! I really love this curriculum!”

– Kim Lee, Counselor

“I have found that I've been able to use the underlying messages from the training in my day to day dealings with kids. Still love the program!”
– Nick Taylor, School Resource Officer

“I really like the format, curriculum and message!”

– Annelies Pedersen,
   K-8 Counselor

“We love it! It is a very powerful program.”

– Lindsay Aun, Counselor

  • Healthy Relationships Manual with 5 Lessons
  • 12 Wiffle Balls
  • 6 Boundaries Flip Books
  • 50 "Let's Make a Deal" Cards
  • 5 Core Concepts Posters
  • 4 Powerpoint Presentations
  • 3 Lesson Media Videos
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Required Resources for Classroom Implementation!

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